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Holly Baxter


Holly Baxter is co-editor of the Voices section as well as Independent columnist, author of The Vagenda and former resident of an airing cupboard.

Now Harry Leslie Smith is gone, remember that he was an ordinary man

There are plenty of people of his generation without Twitter who share his views and his concerns. The right would prefer they didn’t exist because that old stereotype about older people hating the left is very convenient

If Princess Eugenie really cared, she wouldn't be charging us millions

Eugenie does no royal duties, and it’s estimated that the security costs will be more than £2m since she decided to parade round Windsor publicly in a carriage


Westminster has become a safe space for predators

The figures leaked exclusively to The Independent today are already far too high – with one in five people working in Westminster reporting that they have experienced sexual harassment in the last 12 months, with twice as many women reporting incidents of harassment as men 

Thanks, Catherine Deneuve, for speaking out for men's rights

We’re experiencing ‘a puritanical wave of purification’, I read, while sitting opposite a billboard featuring a naked woman orgasmically proclaiming her lust for yoghurt