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Janet Street-Porter

Janet Street-Porter is a broadcaster, writer, former editor of The Independent on Sunday and current Independent columnist, well-known for her regular appearances on ‘Loose Women’. She has won several TV awards including a Bafta for originality and has written two memoirs.

Has Saudi teenager Rahaf jumped to the head of the asylum queue?

Will the powerful use of social media by one savvy woman change our attitude to asylum seekers fleeing abusive families or regimes?

It's better for everyone if partygoers know what's in their drugs

The number of deaths from MDMA has been rising steadily, but there is no simple way to prevent people taking a drug for fun

Why the controversy about a 50-year-old having quadruplets?

No wonder women like Tracey Britten opt to travel abroad, where clinics offer cheaper treatment and have less stringent regulations. The NHS has to shoulder the cost of the kids eventually anyway – why not offer it all in the UK?

Police investigate misogyny? They need to look in their own backyard

If they cannot launch a criminal investigation into 21 different women alleging inappropriate behaviour on their doorstep, there’s not much hope for women walking through the front door of their local station to complain about domestic abuse or sexual aggression