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Jeremy Corbyn launches bid to topple Theresa May

Immediately after the vote, the Labour leader moved to table a formal motion of no confidence in the government

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John Rentoul Brexit: Can the PM give Stormont a veto on the Irish border backstop?

Analysis: The PM is desperate to convince the DUP to back her deal, but may be making promises that cannot be kept, says John Rentoul

What is Tuesday’s Brexit vote about and why is it so divisive?

Everyone expects Theresa May to lose the big Brexit vote this week: what is it, and why is her deal so unpopular? John Rentoul explains

May is delivering the will of the Brexit extremists, not of the people

From taking office May set out her stall as a born-again hard Brexiteer, promising to pull Britain out of the single market and customs union

Theresa May’s Brexit strategy depends on Labour MPs. It will fail

With the irrevocable loss of the DUP, the deal will only pass with the support or abstention of a sizeable number of Labour MPs

Why is there no government in Northern Ireland?

The region has reached the world record for the longest period without a government 

If the Troubles return post-Brexit, it won't just be due to the border

The British government is removing essential building blocks of the Good Friday Agreement such as human rights and a non-partisan position between unionists and nationalists