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A Final Say referendum is the only option left on the table

There is a terrible, unbreakable deadlock and thus a referendum has emerged as the only way of resolving matters – as well as the right one

A slow-burn US trade deal is no bad thing – for the UK at least

Ultimately it is in the self-interest of Britain, America, and the EU for there to be as near frictionless trade as possible between all three

May will be in no position to secure a Brexit deal in the new year

With less than three months to go until the deadline for Britain’s withdrawal, the danger of an accidental, no-deal departure is clear and present

Facial recognition will soon raise difficult questions for us all

We need a more robust framework for an emerging technology with much potential for harm and error

Theresa May will have a tough time selling Brexit at the G20

We find few leaders who even believe in a free-trading globalised rules-based economy, let alone have any interest in cooperating in economic and financial policies