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Why Colette will open the door to more queer period dramas

Colette's writing is on the school syllabus in France, where Clémence Michallon grew up. But the new film starring Keira Knightley tells a whole different story 

Studio Ghibli is back. But Studio Ponoc is just getting going

When Hayao Miyazaki retired in 2013, animators from Japan's beloved Studio Ghibli set up their own studios. Then Miyazaki came back out of retirement... Robert Ito looks at what may happen next 

The Upside review: Superficial in its treatment of race and disability

An ill-advised American remake of a French movie, this odd couple comedy fails to translate despite likeable performances from Hart and Bryan Cranston 

Colette review: Keira Knightley excels in biopic of French author

For all the brilliance of its production design, and in spite of two very lively central performances, the film can’t overcome the challenge faced by every literary biopic