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Matthew Norman

Matthew Norman is an award-winning Independent columnist who specialises in political satire.

The Trump buffet wouldn’t have been the weirdest part of that evening

‘No government of the people, by the people, for the people… until I get the money for my beautiful wall’

Theresa May’s career is looking more like a tragicomedy by the day

Like a political Peggy Ollerenshaw, the PM’s unwavering optimism has blurred the dividing line between the heroically tenacious and the insanely futile

Stop the posturing – MPs like David Davis have no idea about Brexit

The former Brexit secretary doesn’t know the difference between negotiating on behalf of the government, and being a fantasist. What offers him hope is that so many fellow Tory MPs are equally delusional

If Trump fires Kirstjen Nielsen, Michelle Obama may be our only hope

So far, there is no hint about who the president has in mind to replace her. But given the calibre of options, one can only hope Michelle will U-turn on her promise and run for office after all