Matthew Norman

Matthew Norman is an award-winning Independent columnist who specialises in political satire.

How could May have been caught out by the ultra-compromising DUP?

The prime minister will need a minor miracle to survive the battle in the Irish Sea without permanently losing her farcical pastiche of power

Stop the posturing – MPs like David Davis have no idea about Brexit

The former Brexit secretary doesn’t know the difference between negotiating on behalf of the government, and being a fantasist. What offers him hope is that so many fellow Tory MPs are equally delusional


What will the US justice system turn a blind eye to now?

If voters of both genders leave the House of Representatives in Republican hands on 6 November, it’s hard to imagine what else the president will be emboldened to let slide

Cyberattacks on Russia won't validate Britain’s superpower status

Even if a strike of this nature were possible, it would be politically unthinkable to ratchet up the tension to the cyber equivalent of Defcon 2 without the support of the only western nation with the wealth and technical sophistication to wage cyberwar





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