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Adam Forrest Majority of Britons back Final Say vote on deal, according to biggest poll since referendum

New poll offers evidence Labour would be punished by voters if it backs Brexit

Rob Merrick Everything you need to know about the vote of no confidence

Given Theresa May has just suffered the biggest Commons thumping in history – a majority of 232 against her Brexit deal – it might appear obvious that MPs lack confidence in her.

Independent Staff What you can do to help demand a Final Say on Brexit

Now that Theresa May's Brexit deal has been voted down, a Final Say referendum is more likely than ever before

Benjamin Kentish Gove says Leave would win fresh referendum by bigger margin than 2016

Environment secretary claims fresh public vote would be ‘huge blow to our democracy’

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John Rentoul How would a Final Say referendum happen?

Analysis: As Labour members overwhelmingly back another referendum, chief political commentator John Rentoul looks at the path to a public vote on Brexit

Lizzy Buchan Opposition parties give Labour to end of the day for confidence motion

Theresa May was forced to shelve a vote on her Brexit deal to avoid a catastrophic defeat

Editorial May’s deal is in deadlock – only a Final Say can release the bind

The Commons does not like the deal, and will not be persuaded by fresh ‘assurances’; the EU is not prepared to go any further. Despite pushing the vote back, the stalemate is effectively unaltered